16th July 2024 
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The Romeo Register

Have you seen the You Tube film of the Romeo in production under licence in Spain? See here - November 2015

HELLO & WELCOME to The Alfa Romeo Romeo Register (or maybe it should be called the Registro Romeo?). A very informal Register devoted to the preservation of the Alfa Romeo T10 "Autotutto" which was produced between 1954 & 1966, together with the Alfa Romeo A11, A12, F11 & F12 models which replaced the Romeo in 1966.

You may be an enthusiast of the classic Alfa Romeos produced in the 1950s & 1960s, the end of the Portello era...

Or you may be an enthusiast of commercial vehicles in general, or Italian commercial vehicles in particular...

Or you may just be curious, or perhaps even incredulous that Alfa Romeo produced anything other than cars... Well, actually they also produced railway locomotives & carriages, tractors, aircraft engines, marine & industrial engines, generators, fire pumps, cookers... I could go on...

I have been a Giulietta enthusiast for many years, more than I sometimes care to remember, & went on to found the Giulietta Register in 1979. From there I gradually got to know about the Romeo, little by little as there was virtually nothing published in those days. Then in 1986 I took the plunge & bought one, a 1958 Romeo 2 "Regina" autoambulanza by Colli, which I still have today.

The Romeo Register is internet based, with the main purpose of spreading the word about the Romeo & letting fellow Romeo enthusiasts know that they are not alone.

There will be many references throughout the website to the Romeo. In many cases these will also refer to the later A11, A12, F11 & F12 versions. If you own one of these later models, please be assured that you are not being ignored, it is just that "Romeo, A11, A12, F11 & F12" is rather a mouthfull"!

I do hope that you will find the Romeo Register to be interesting & I look forward to hearing about your Romeo & sharing it with other fellow Romeo enthusiasts. Don't forget to Bookmark this site & to come back again soon to see new discoveries. Website visits have exceeded 2800 per month over several months in 2021 and there have been over 400,000 page views since the site went live...

While the Romeo was excluded from the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Giulietta in Milan in 2004 (deliberately, thoughtlessly or otherwise???), the Romeo was acknowledged at the Alfa Romeo centenary celebrations in Milan in June 2010.


Tony Stevens

June 2024

P.S. I am sorry if you visited this site thinking that it was a a lonely-hearts or a contact site looking for your ideal two-legged Romeo!

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